It’s really annoying to forget what your MariaDB’s root account password is. However, with just a little commandline effort, it’s an easy challenge to resolve. I learned most of these instructions with this Digial Ocean article. It’s a great article but it instructions for ending the MariaDB mysqld process didn’t work for me on Ubuntu… Read More

This is a small JavaScript stopwatch. To use it, first create the StopWatch function below:

Then consume it like this:

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Postgres 9.4 is a powerful (albeit silly-named) open source database. With 9.4 some powerful features have been added to enhance Postgres’s support for Json. The claim is that Postgres 9.4 offers the power of a relational database coupled with flexible document database features offered by databases such as Casandra, CouchDB, and Mongo DB. This post… Read More

PHPUnit is the canonical unit testing framework for PHP. Even for simple projects and learning exercises, unit testing pays big dividends. This article provides a way to install and configure PHPUnit on Linux.… Read More

Laravel offers two ways to work with your database: Eloquent ORM. Eloquent provides an active record-based ORM. It provides a fluent interface with built-in relational capabilities. Query Builder. The Query Builder provides a flexible, and also fluent, way to create SQL queries. It provides an intuitive way to create SQL queries with nearly all of… Read More

In the old days, if you wanted to sort and filter XML, you turned to XSL. But XSL is fiddly, hard to test, and requires an in-depth knowledge of XPath. That’s to .NET’s LINQ, dependence on XSL has been dramatically reduced (if not, eliminated!). This article takes a look at how to use LINQ to XML to sort and filter an XML document. … Read More